My Story – Last Updated 1 January 2023

Chris Statham

After 25 years in the financial sector, I put my vast knowledge to the test.

I was a Senior Vice President at RBS and accumulated a vast realm of experience, particularly in the area of e-commerce and online business. Having acted as Head of Risk and lead teams implementing online business solutions in new global markets, it’s fair to say I have a good eye when it comes to making money online. I have seen almost every online business model and put simply…I know what works!

My Story Starts in the late 1990’s

My online journey began in the late 1990’s, the boom, when I was Head of Risk and involved in reviewing almost every major online e-commerce venture in the bank. I guess that was the trigger for igniting my entrepreneurial flame and from that point on the desire to make money online simply grew and grew.

Moving around the business, I continued to gain online knowledge and subsequently set up several successful online e-commerce businesses in early 2000’s…in my spare time. However, whilst these all generated great additional income and were highly profitable, they were too resource hungry and demanding to run alongside a senior executive position.

I knew there were better ways to make money online, ways that could be more automated and passive, therefore in 2013 I took the brave decision to leave the bank and put my considerable knowledge to the test. I became a full-time entrepreneur!

Chris Statham – Mission and Core Values

My entire mission upon becoming an entrepreneur was to start building online income streams, but with a strict set of requirements for each one:

  • Potential to be Fully Automated.
  • Able to Provide Passive Income.
  • Global Sales Opportunity.
  • Unlimited Earning Potential.
  • Ability to Operate from Any Global Location Remotely.
  • MUST be fun, enjoyable and leverage my skillset.

With the above in mind I started reviewing almost every available business model online. Drop Shipping, EBay, Amazon, Amazon FBA, E-commerce, FX, Just In Time, Crypto…you name it and I’ve had a look. But it was an unusual twist of fate that finally set me on my final chosen path.

The Power of Social Media

In 2014 a strange twist of fate set me on the path to success. My daughter had a social media account and like many teenagers at the time, wanted to grow her following. However, despite numerous attempts progress was slow until one evening everything changed.

A group of boys had a large YouTube football channel with over 10 million subscribers and cut a long story short, one of them had stumbled across my daughters profile and developed a crush. Well, that’s what all his mates kept saying whenever he missed a shot! During one of their YouTube videos they flashed up a picture of my daughter, literally for no more than 2 seconds. The result…my daughters following increased tenfold…in just one hour.

Now of course the entrepreneur in me suddenly saw the opportunity to leverage global audiences and upon closer inspection, I also saw just how much money these guys were making. Mind blowing! So I set about creating my own YouTube channel, with my core criteria in mind, and that’s when things started to swiftly change.

Within just two months the channel was monetised with Google ads and by the end of year one it had over 100,000 subscribers. I used automated software and never went on camera once. Once digital marketing links were added my first semi-passive income stream was created. It’s now a cash cow!!

So You Want To Start A Profitable Online Business, Let’s Go!

See you on the other side…